Live Band : Greg Lyons Funky Threads

Live Band : Greg Lyons Funky Threads


Date: Tue, 27 May 2017

Venue: Cafe ( Level 1)

No Cover Charge

Performance @ 930pm - 1am

More Details :


We have a special night of music in store for those who are in need of some serious jazz expression with a serious groove.

We balnce the elements of pocket and edge in a way that few other ensembles manage.

This is how we do it:

The band is led by British saxophonist Greg Lyons, providing some edgy-but-funky compositions and arrangements, and explorative and searing solos. On the keyboard we have Eivind Lødernel, a man who can deftly tread the fine line between the familiar and the unknown, while laying down some major grooves.
We have the fabulous Erik Hargrove on drums - a veteran of the bands of James Brown and Bootsy Collins, but with a well-developed jazz approach that has few peers in the region. On the bass we have the rock-steady Keith Ong, a man who can be 100% relied on to keep the engines rolling at full tilt.

There you have it: a killer-quartet. 

We start at 9.30pm for 3 sets of travels through the jazz-funk jungle.

Be there or be a square :)


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