Live Band : Greg Lyons Funky Threads

Live Band : Greg Lyons Funky Threads

ENTRY FEES: $Free Entry

Venue: Cafe (Ground Level)

* No Cover Charge

Date: Sat, 10th Feb 2018

Time:  930pm onwards

More Details :


Greg on Saxophone

Keith Ong on bass

Eiving Lodernel on keyboards

and Issei Suzuki on drums.

A brand new band for a brand new year, with a decidedly more funk-oriented slant,

and a good dose of all the grooviest stuff on the planet thrown in for good measure.

Something like a hybrid between Bahia, New Orleans, Havana and London.

The band boasts an international cast of characters, starting with UK, Japan, Norway and Singapore,

and a flexible size which will hopefully morph during the night to include a great horn frontline and other guests.

The shape of things to come!




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