Story Party Singapore "StoryTelling"

Story Party Singapore "StoryTelling"


Venue: Lounge (Level 2)

NO Cover Charge

Date: Wed, 28Jun 2017

Time:  7pm to 11pm

"Forget Swipe. It's Much Better to Sit on Face in Real Life" - Natasha P. BikiniOff Nights | Host of Story Party Story Party is a show

where you'll hear professional storytellers talk about a time they got played, made, or just tangled up in that love stuff.

The show runs approximately one hour followed by a chance to laugh and drink some more.

Story Party is an award winning "Online Dating Alternative" with drinks, people to meet, and true dating stories told to a beat.

We are in town for one night only. It could be the story of how you two met. Or not, who cares, it'll be fun, just come.

Wanna tell a story? We'll pick 1 audience member to share their 5 minute story. Our audience is incredibly supportive.

Your story can be about bad dates, great dates, self realisation, self love, masturbation pretty much anything so long as it's a true dating story.

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