The FunnyFellas: Live In Singapore

The FunnyFellas: Live In Singapore

ENTRY FEES: $EarlyBird promotion $15

Venue: Space (Level 3)

Entrance : EarlyBird promotion $15

Date: Tues , 18th Jul 17

Time : 7pm-11pm

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Having performed almost all over the world @David Hailey (US) @Captain Khalid (Tanzania) and 

@Rachman Blake come together to bring you one of the most great night of laughter 

Some call them The Lords of The Ribs, some call them "The LOL Models" but they are the "FunnyFellas" 
With their storytelling,witty jokes, un expected punchlines and of-course political incorrectness, well this is a night not to miss.

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