• $12.90

    Chicken Parmigianna

    Tender breaded chicken with tomato concasse and melted cheese. serve with french fries and mesclun salad.

  • $14.00

    Whisky Sour

    Bourbon, fresh lime juice, angostura bitters, egg white

  • $14.90


    Homemade beef patty, topped with bacon, onion jams, onion ring, arugula, tomatoes, melted cheese. serve with french fries.

  • $15.90

    Cold Cut Platter

    Salami, mortadella ham, ibarico ham.serve with bread, rock melon and arugula salad with honey mustard dressing

  • $12.90

    Smoked Duck Salad

    smoked duck breast and orange slices, mesclun salad serve with orange vinaigrette dressing.

  • $15.90

    Grilled Salmon

    Salmon fillet grilled to medium well doneness. serve with potatoes, mixed vegetables and lemon butter sauce.

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